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Queen's University

Centre for Teaching and Learning

  • Site Map

Site Map


     Programs and Services


                        Brown Bag Conversations with the Principal
                        Certificate Program in University Teaching and Learning
                        Cross-Faculty Teaching Forum
                        Emerging Leadership Initiative
                                           Stream 1: Individual Leadership
                                           Stream 2: Team leadership
                                           Stream 3: Institutional Leadership
                                           Stream 4: External Leadership
                                Peer Couching Circles
                                Service Leadership Project
                                Leadership Competencies
                                ELI Workshop Group
                        Focus on Diversity
                        SGS 901: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
                        Teacher’s Reading Circle
                        TD Day
                        Teaching Development Workshop Series: Winter 2012


                       Departmental Observations
                        Teaching Observations
                        Curriculum and Course Planning
                        Lecture Capture


               Teaching Enhancement Grants
                        Grants Awarded 2011
                        Grants Awarded 2010
                        Grants Awarded 2009
                        Grants Awarded 2008
                        Grants Awarded 2007

               External Teaching Grants


               Annual Awards Reception
                        2010 Annual Teaching Awards Reception
                        2010/2011 Annual Teaching Awards Reception

              Internal Awards
                        University Wide
                                CTL Distinguished Service Award for Educational Leadership
                                SGPS Teaching Assistant/Teaching Fellow Excellence Award
                               The Chancellor A. Charles Baillie Teaching Award
                        Alma Mater Society
                                Christopher Knapper Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistance
                                Frank Knox Award
                       Alumni Relations
                                Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching
                        School of Graduate Studies and Research
                                Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Supervision
                        Applied Science
                                Applied Science First Year Teaching and Learning Award
                        Chemical Engineering
                                Education Catalyst Award
                        Civil Engineering
                                Civil Engineering Teaching Assistant Award
                                Civil Engineering Teaching Award
                        Electrical and Computer Engineering
                                Electrical and Computer Engineering Teaching Award
                                Teaching Assistant Award
                        Engineering Society
                                Educational Excellence TA Award
                                Golden Apple Award
                                Golden Pillar Award
                        Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
                                W. A. Gorman Teaching Assistant Award
                         Mechanical Engineering Club
                                Bronze Wrench
                                Silver Wrench
                        Arts and Science Undergraduate Society
                                W.J. Barnes Teaching Excellence Award for Arts and Science Undergraduate Society
                                Biology Award for Excellence (Demonstrators)
                                Biology Departmental Student Council Award for Excellence in Teaching
                               Agilent Technologies Excellence in Teaching Assistant Award for 3rd Year Chemistry Laboratory
                                David Thomas Teaching Assistant Award
                                Department of Chemistry Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistance
                                Din Lal Teaching Assistant Award
                                Fisher Scientific Teaching Assistant Award
                                Graduating Class Award for Excellence in Teaching Chemistry
                                William Patrick Doolan Award
                                Queen’s Drama Award for Teaching Excellence
                        English Department Student Council
                                English DSC Fourth Years’ Choice Award
                        Gender Studies
                                Gender Studies Teaching Award
                                Geography DSC Award for Excellence in Teaching Assistance
                                Julian Szeicz Award for Excellence in Teaching
                                The Department of History Teaching Award for Faculty
                                The Department of History Teaching Award for Teaching Fellow or Teaching Assistant
                                Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Teaching Physics
                                Graduate Teaching Award in Psychology
                                Teaching Assistant Prize in Psychology
                                Undergraduate Teaching Award in Psychology
                        School of Computing
                                Excellence in Teaching Assistance
                                Howard Staveley Teaching Award
                        School of Environmental Studies
                                Student's Choice Professor of the Year Award
                                Student's Choice Teaching Assistant Award
                        School of Kinesiology and Health Studies
                                Health Studies DSC Excellence in Teaching Award for Health Studies
                                PHESA '88 Teaching Award
                        School of Music
                                School of Music Teaching Award
                                Commerce '89 Professor-Student Life Award
                                Commerce Society Teaching Award
                                Executive MBA Instructor of the Year Award
                                Queen's MBA Instructor of the Year Award
                                Golden Apple Award
                                Rose A. Freeman Memorial Award
                        Health Sciences
                               Health Sciences Education Award
                        School of Medicine
                               Aesculapian Lectureship Award
                                Clinical Skills Teachers in the School of Medicine Award for Excellence in Teaching
                                H. F. Pross Educational Technology Award
                                PAIRO Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award
                                PAIRO Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by a Resident
                                Phase IIA Musculoskeletal (MSK) Course Award
                                Phase III Surgery Teaching Award
                                Resident Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
                                Ron Wigle Mentorship Award
                                W. Ford Connell Award for Excellence in Teaching
                        School of Nursing
                                Nursing ’84 Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching
                                Reddick Award for Excellence in Nursing Education        
                        School of Rehabilitation Therapy
                                Blue Star Award for Teaching Excellence
                                Law Students’ Society (Sessional) Special Lecturer Award
                                Law Students’ Society Career Achievement Award
                                Law Students’ Society Teaching Excellence Award

               External Awards
                        3M Teaching Fellowships
                        OCUFA Teaching Award
                        Nominating Someone for an External Teaching Award

               Guidelines for Creating a New Teaching Award
               Teaching Chairs
                         Past Chairs
                         2012 Teaching Chair Nomination Guidelines


              Topic Specific Resources

                                Queen’s Grading System FAQ
                        Blended Learning
                                Learning Management Systems
                                Presentation Tools
                                Lecture Capture
                                Conferencing Tools
                                Social Networking Tools
                                Strategies for Teaching Online
                        Case-Based Learning
                               Teaching Strategies for Case-Based Learning
                        Community Service Learning
                        Curriculum Development
                                Developing a Course Syllabus
                                Developing a Lesson Plan
                                Guide to Curriculum Development
                                Setting Course Goals
                                Conducting a Review
                        Discipline-Based Teaching
                        Equity Diversity & Inclusion
                                Inclusive Teaching
                                Equity Resources
                                        Policy Document and Reports
                        Feedback on Teaching
                        Field-Based Learning
                        Graduate Supervision
                                Grad Supervision FAQ
                                Roles, Responsibilities
                        Inquiry-Based Learning
                        Lab-Based Learning
                        Problem-Based Learning
                                Designing and Developing a PBL Course
                                Assessment for PBL Courses

                                Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations
                                Graduate Degree Level Expectations
                                Curriculum Mapping
                                SoTL Project Guidelines
                                SoTL Journals
                        Teaching Dossier

                       Teaching Dossier
                        Teaching More Series
                        As If Equity Mattered
                        CTL Historical Documents

               Library Resources

               Societies Related to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

                        Purposeful Assessment with Sue Fostaty Young
                        Memorization or Understanding: Are we teaching the right thing?
                        Meet the Teacher
                          Leo Jonker
                           Kim McAuley

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               Educators in Residence

               Donate to the CTL

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