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Queen's University

Centre for Teaching and Learning


It is sometimes assumed that our consultation services are for instructors with serious teaching problems. While we are happy to offer help in such situations, the CTL also provides advice to many highly motivated and effective instructors who wish to do even better, or to explore new instructional methods in their classes. Every person with teaching responsibilities at Queen's is welcome in the Centre.

In a few cases this process involves just a single consultation to discuss a specific teaching issue, but often there is a series of meetings. Instructors using this service may invite CTL staff to visit one or more classes, or classes may be videotaped and reviewed with the CTL consultant. CTL staff are also willing to meet with students to obtain feedback about appropriate instructional strategies--again, only at the request of the instructor. We may help the instructor design a classroom research project to inquire into their teaching and student learning. We frequently make recommendations about suitable print and A-V materials from our Resource Library.

Accessing the Service. It is CTL policy to work only with persons who approach the Centre voluntarily. Although we are happy for department heads, deans, or others to inform colleagues about our services, it is for the instructors themselves to decide whether, and on what terms, they wish to approach the Centre. To book an initial appointment or to get some advice over the phone, instructors should call the CTL at 533-6428 or email and request a teaching consultant.


All consultations are strictly confidential. Information about instructors and departments who choose to use our services will not be released to any other person or department unless the user requests and authorizes the release of information.

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