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PUTL Certificate I: Foundations HEADER

Part 2: Critical Analysis and Articulation of a Teaching Philosophy

A Teaching Philosophy is one’s beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives on teaching and learning. A Teaching Dossier often opens with a Teaching Philosophy Statement – a reflective statement or ‘manifesto’ of such beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives. For Part 2 of the Certificate in Foundations you are required to articulate your beliefs, attitudes, and philosophies regarding teaching and learning. There are two options for meeting the requirements of Part 2:

Option 1:  Compose a Guided Reflection

After attending workshops/sessions required of Part 1, engage in a guided reflection. This reflection will prompt you to reflect upon the sessions you have attended and compose written responses that articulate your personal beliefs, attitudes, and philosophies towards university teaching and learning. This analysis is intended to assist you as you consider and articulate your own beliefs about teaching and learning and incorporate what you have learned about teaching and learning from the workshops and sessions that you have attended. Option 1 differs from option 2 in that it is best suited for students who are just beginning to think about their beliefs on teaching and learning and do not yet feel prepared to write a full Teaching Philosophy statement.

To obtain the Certificate in Foundations via Option 1, compose responses to the guided reflection and submit your responses along with your Checklist for Submission.

Option 2:  Compose a Draft Teaching Philosophy Statement

After attending workshops/sessions required of Part 1, compose a draft Teaching Philosophy Statement. A statement goes beyond reflecting on individual questions regarding your beliefs and attitudes; it is an individualized manifesto of your beliefs and attitudes towards teaching and learning. While the questions in reflection guide may be helpful in getting started, the goal of Option 2 is to produce a formalized draft statement that could be incorporated into a Teaching Dossier. For guidance on writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement refer to the Teaching Philosophy Statement Writing Guide. Option 2 is best suited for students who feel they are ready to articulate their teaching philosophy in a formalized statement. This is of particular benefit to anyone thinking about or currently developing a Teaching Dossier. 

To obtain the Certificate in Foundations via Option 2, submit your composed Teaching Philosophy Statement along with your Checklist for Submission.

**Remember: Select from Option 1 or  Option 2


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