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PUTL Certificate I: Foundations HEADER
Part 1: Session/Workshop Participation

To complete Part 1 of the  Certificate in Foundations, attend and participate in six sessions or workshops that focus on university teaching and learning. 

Upcoming Foundations Sessions and Workshops 

Should you attend a session not listed by the CTL that you believe qualifies towards Certificate I, our staff would be happy to consider it’s applicability. Please contact

To document the sessions you have attended complete the Record of Attendance component of the Checklist for Submission (available in PDF or .docx versions) to document your participation in the six sessions you have attended. This record of attendance requires that you identify the main message taken away from the session and one implication the session has had on your thinking or practice of teaching and learning.

Main ‘Take Away’: In 1-2 sentences summarize what you learnt or took away from participating in the session. What was the central argument of the session? What did you learn from participating? For example, if you attended a workshop on Active Learning in the Laboratory you might write “This workshop focused on questioning strategies for encouraging independent thought within a laboratory setting”

One Implication for your Practice: in 1-2 sentences summarize one implication this session has or will have on your practice of university teaching and learning. Will you change anything about your approach to teaching and learning? If so, what will that change be? If not, why? Following the example above you might write, “I will put various questioning strategies to use instead of quickly answering students questions in lab”


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