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1.  Introduction

This new initiative allows students across the globe to collaborate in undergraduate research into teaching and learning (specifically, students will research aspects of Internationalisation of Higher Education) within their respective institutions.  The Matariki Undergraduate Research Network (MURN) provides an opportunity for students to engage in researched-based learning with an international perspective.  As an undergraduate-student research program, it connects students from diverse international universities in a global classroom, researching a common topic in teaching and learning.  MURN:

  • Develops research skills and attitudes in undergraduate students
  • Breaks new ground in collaborative undergraduate research by providing the opportunity for students to learn beyond the boundaries of their own institution and country
  • Establishes productive links between member universities of the Matariki network
  • Develops sustainable initiatives for ongoing existence and future iterations of the project

A limited number of places in the MURN program will be offered by each of the four participating universities.  One per Faculty (six) will be selected at Queen's for 2013.

MURN is administered by co-ordinators in each institution who will provide resources, training and support to interns throughout the period of their internship and while they conduct their research projects.

2.  Who can apply?

2.1     Undergraduate students interested in developing research skills are encouraged to apply.

2.2     Students in their second year or thirds year of study are likely to be the most suitable to undertake the
          internship, however undergraduates who will be enrolled in 2013 in other years may also apply.

3.  How is MURN structured?

3.1     The internship starts in early February and runs until the start of first semester in the fall of 2013.  The course
          work and research will be undertaken during this time in addition to students' normal course load.

3.2     While no course credits are allocated to MURN successful applicants will receive $3000 for completing the
          internship.  In terms of financial support, the scholarship offers a viable alternative to part-time employment
          outside the university.  By utilising time normally associated with casual employment, MURN requirements will
          not constitute an additional load for interns who make use of the scholarship in this way.

3.5     Five (5) three hour training workshops on basic research methods will be held throughout February.  A further
          three (3) one and a half hour seminars will be conducted throughout the semester. These sessions will be
          coordinated by MURN Co-ordinators and draw on available expertise from across the universities as required.

3.6     Interns will be allocated a research supervisor drawn from the MURN Co-ordination Team.

3.7     A certificate will be presented upon successful completion of the internship.

4.  What will Interns need to do?

4.1     Interns will be required to participate in 5x3 hour workshops and 3x1.5 hour seminars focusing on the 
          development of research skills such as:

                Proposal development
                Research methods
                Sourcing and reviewing information
                Collecting, managing and analysing data
                Presenting research (orally and in writing)

4.2     Before commencing a research project, each intern will be required to develop an acceptable research proposal.

4.3     Interns will be required to meet with their supervisor throughout the semester (approximately 1hour/week or as
          deemed necessary by the supervisor) to discuss progress of their research, including reviewing the literature,
          collecting and analysing the data and writing-up of the project.

4.4     Successful completion will require interns to participate in all aspects of the scheme, including attendance at
          all workshops, seminars and supervision meetings throughout the semester (approximately 40 hours).

4.5     In addition to the prescribed workshop and seminar attendance, interns will be expected to allow appropriate
          time (5-10 hours/week) to undertake the research which will involve locating and reviewing relevant source
          material, collecting and analysing data and writing and presenting research findings.

4.6     Interns will be required to submit a report in the form of an academic paper to their Supervisor no later than 1
          July 2013.  The report will be approximately 4000 - 5000 words in length and comment on all aspects of the
          project including the background to the research, a review of the literature, the research method and findings.

4.7     Interns will present their research at the start of the fall semester 2013 at a University event, departmental or
          discipline seminar or meeting.

5. How do you apply for MURN?

5.1     Applications from individuals are due no later than January 16th, 2013 to: Centre for Teaching and Learning,
          B176 Mackintosh Corry Hall, Queen's University.

5.2     Current undergraduate students who will be continuing their undergraduate studies in 2013 are eligible to apply.

5.3     Applications consist of:

                the completed application form (Attachment A)
                a short written statement (no more than 2 pages) addressing the following selection criteria:
                             1. What are your reasons for wanting to participate in the ULTRIS/Matariki Undergraduate
                                 Research Network?
                             2. What is your understanding of research in general and teaching and learning research in
                a copy of the transcript of your academic record (print copy from SOLUS).

5.4     Students will need to nominate one academic referee on their application. These should be members of the
          university staff who know the student and can provide details as to their acceptability to fulfil the internship

5.5     Selection of successful applicants will be undertaken by the MURN Committee based on the following criteria:

                academic merit – as shown in the applicant's academic record;
                suitability to undertake a research project
                commitment and interest in research and teaching and learning – as outlined in the applicant's statement
                detailing reasons for applying;
                endorsement – the level support/recommendations provided by academic referee and Department Head.

5.6     Applicants may be asked to attend a short interview before final selection of interns is made.

5.7     One internship will be available for each faculty.  If you are a combined degree student you may be considered
          as eligible under either faculty.

5.8     Successful applicants will be notified by January 23rd, 2013.

6.  Information for Departments

6.1     MURN Co-ordinators will provide interns with research supervision.

6.2     Liaison between the MURN Co-ordinators and Faculties is expected during the course of the internship.

6.3     Faculties may wish to offer suggestions for aspects of research interest (focusing on the research topic,
         Internationalistion of Higher Education) within their area.

7. Deadline for Submissions

7.1     Any queries should be directed to:
         Dr. Andy Leger at ext: 75303 or email:   or
         Dr Vicki Remenda at ext. 36594 or email:

Applications from individuals are due no later than January 16th, 2013 to:
The Centre for Teaching and Learning,
B176 Mackintosh Corry Hall, Queen's University.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000