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Campus Master Plan

Campus Master Plan: Timeline

[Goodes Hall construction]
Date Milestones

2012 Dec

Project kick-off. The Consultant Team will interview groups and individuals to gather information.

2013 Jan–Nov

Over the year, the team will facilitate a number of stakeholder and community engagement opportunities, including several open meetings and web forums.

2103 Mar 02

Introductory Presentation to the Board of Trustees

2013 Mar 26

"Plan Your Campus" Information Exchange

2013 Mar 27

Planning Workshop with Consultants and City Staff

2013 Apr 30

Campus Vision Workshop; Presentations to Senate

2013 May 23

Campus Community Open House #1

2013 Aug

Draft recommendations on:
accessibility guidelines, building design guidelines
heritage policy, property acquisition and disposition plans
implementation policy and phasing strategy

2013 Dec 6

Campus Community Open House #2

2013 Dec

Presentation of draft to Board of Trustees and Queen's University Planning Committee

2014 Feb

Final plan submitted for approval by Board of Trustees in March

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