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CLST 205* - Ancient Humour

Moodle Test-Taking Policy 

The Ancient Humour course’s marking scheme is unique among other courses here at Queen’s. There is NO final exam; instead, there are 6 online tests delivered via Moodle.  Your final mark consists of class attendance (20%), participation assessments (3 x 10% = 30%) and the tests (5 x 10% = 50%).  Your final mark for your tests is determined by the total of the best 5 test marks (each test = 10%). Students have the option of taking all 6 tests, but only the best 5 marks will be counted. It also means that, as long as you do well on the other 5 tests, you can miss a test and it will not affect your final mark.

  1. Tests are multiple-choice. They are 40 minutes long and are displayed 10 questions at a time.   Please note that you must log in 40 minutes before the test closes to ensure that you have the full 40 minutes allotted for your attempt.  If you require extra time for your tests as part of an accommodation through Disability Services, you will need to log in to Moodle even sooner to ensure you you will have access to the test for your allotted time.*
  2. Once the test is closed you will no longer be able to access your attempt.  Moodle logs your answers as you go, but it will not submit/close the test for you automatically.  If the availability window ends before you finished and submitted your test, it will remain open on the system.   If you can't see your mark, this is the most likely the cause.  If this happens, we will need to submit a request to the Moodle administrator on your behalf to have them close your test for you.  Contact your TA for assistance with this.
  3. The use of internet resources and search engines is allowed (for some questions is mandatory) and will be explained in class by the professor. Please contact your TA if you have any questions about this.
  4. Students are allowed ONE ATTEMPT ONLY at any test. Accessing the test counts as an attempt, so do not click on the test until you are sure you wish to take it. Attempted tests will NOT be reset under any circumstances.
  5. Students are expected to have made arrangements to take the tests at the pre-arranged times. If you are unable to take one of the tests due to circumstances beyond your control (death in the family, debilitating illness/injury, etc.), your mark will not be affected as long as you ensure that you take the other 5 tests. If you have already missed one of the 6 tests, and you have a verifiable reason why you cannot take one of the remaining 5 tests, please contact Dr. Griffith to discuss it.
  6. Students are expected to have made arrangements for a reliable internet connection (dial-up is not recommended) and for the use of reliable computer equipment. There are many computing sites available for use at Queen’s and many can be booked ahead. Please be familiar with the sites' hours and ensure that you have adequate time to take your tests. If you experience a computer failure (disconnected, hardware problem) for one of the tests, your final mark will not be affected as long as you ensure that you take the other 5 tests. If you experience a verifiable computer problem (eg. Server outage at one of the on-campus computing sites, area-wide power outage due to weather) and you have already missed one of the 6 tests, please contact Dr. Griffith to discuss it.
  7. If you require extra time for tests or other special accommodations because of a disability, please ensure that you have made arrangements withDisability Services AND submitted the appropriate documentation to Dr. Griffith prior to the first test. If you are unsure whether or not you will actually require extra time/accommodations, it is still better and easier to have made arrangements beforehand. 

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