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Courses offered in 2013-14

*Please note that course syllabi are updated each year in late August
Prior to August, the syllabi listed below will reflect the courses as they were offered in the last term or year.  Significant changes in emphasis of course material may occur from year to year, including grading methodology, grade weighting and assignments.  Up-to-date syllabi will be available to students by the first day of class.

Please also see Classics course offerings through Queen's Arts & Science Continuing and Distance Studies.

Classical Studies

Fall: Dr. Cristiana Zaccagnino

Winter: Dr. Barbara Reeves

101 - Introduction to Greek and Roman Civilization (F/W)

Fall: Dr. Barbara Reeves

Winter: Dr. Fabio Colivicchi

129 - Introduction to Archaeology (F/W)
Dr. Caroline Falkner 200* - Greek History (F)  
Dr. Anne Foley 201* - Roman History (W)  
Dr. R. Drew Griffith 205* - Ancient Humour (F)   (NEW Blended Learning format)  
Please see here for important registration information for this course (PDF). 
Dr. Daryn Lehoux 214* - Ancient Science (W)  
Dr. Anne Foley 303* - Archaeology of Early Greece (W)
Dr. Barbara Reeves 305* - Archaeology of the Etruscans and Early Romans (F)
Dr. R. Drew Griffith 312* - Greek and Roman Drama (W)
Dr. Laura Carlson 321* - World of Late Antiquity (W)
Dr. Fabio Colivicchi 330* - Classical Greek Culture and Society (W)
Dr. Caroline Falkner 331* - Hellenistic Culture and Society (W)  
Dr. Bernard Kavanagh 340* - The Roman Republic (F)
Dr. Fabio Colivicchi 404* - The Topography of Athens (F)
Dr. Fabio Colivicchi 409 - Archaeology Fieldwork Practicum II (Italy) (Summer 2013)
Dr. Cristiana Zaccagnino 112 - Introductory Greek  
Dr. Daryn Lehoux 208 - Intermediate Greek

Fall: Dr. Daryn Lehoux

Winter: Dr. R. Drew Griffith

311 - Historians of Greece

411 - Greek Language and Literature

Both courses taught concurrently

Dr. Bernard Kavanagh 110 - Introductory Latin  
Dr. Caroline Falkner 209 - Intermediate Latin  
Dr. Michael Cummings

327 - Medieval Latin

411 - Latin Language and Literature

Both courses taught concurrently

(All language courses are F/W.)

For a full listing of all courses offered by the Department of Classics please see the Arts and Science Calendar.

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