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LATN 209 - Intermediate Latin (F/W)

Latin 209 is divided into two conceptual units. During the first half, the goal will be to complete the introduction to Latin grammar begun in LATN 110 so that, during the second half, students can begin reading Latin authors in the original.

Fall Term

Our goal in the Fall semester will be to complete the remaining chapters in Wheelock. Second year students already know the importance of attending regularly, keeping up to date with the material, and reviewing daily. All of this will be vital for students as they transition from learning the language to reading Latin literature.
ASSESSMENT:  Weekly quizzes, two one hour in-class exams, December exam.​  (TBC)
TEXTBOOK:  Wheelock, Frederick, rev. by R. A. Lafleur, Wheelocks Latin (7th Edition)
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Barbara Reeves

Winter Term

TEXTBOOK:   Wheelock, Frederick, rev. by R. A. Lafleur, Wheelocks Latin (7th Edition)
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Bernard Kavanagh