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CLST 405 - The Topography of Rome (W)

The course deals with the long process of urban development of Rome, from the Late Bronze Age (10th century BC) to the end of the Ancient World (476 AD), the factors influencing this development, its changing patterns, the aims and  meaning of  the “building policy” and the efforts of urban planning by political authorities, leading figures and emperors.

ASSESSMENT:   midterm, presentation, paper, final exam.
TEXTBOOK:  Rome and Environs: An Archaeological Guide.   Filippo Coarelli.   University of California Press

INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Cristiana Zaccagnino

PREREQUISITE:  CLST 305/3.0 or CLST 306/3.0 or CLST 340/3.0 or CLST 341/3.0, or permission of the Department.