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CLST 306 - Archaeology of the Roman Empire (F)

CLST 306 surveys Roman material culture (art, architecture and artifacts) from the reign of Augustus to that of Constantine. An emphasis will be placed on analyzing Roman architecture, sculpture, urban patterns, and objects of daily life in order to better understand the political messages and social experiences of Romans during the Imperial period. Questions to be addressed include the functions of architecture, the message of portraiture, and the differences between official and private art and architecture.

ASSESSMENT:  Midterm, research paper, final exam.​ (TBC)

  • Ramage, Nancy H., & Ramage, Andrew. Roman Art. 6th ed. Pearson 2015
  • Zanker, P. The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus. University of Michigan Press, 1988.

INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Barbara Reeves

PREREQUISITES:  (CLST 102/3.0 and CLST 103/3.0) or CLST 129/6.0 or CLST 201/3.0 or CLST 101/6.0 or permission of the Department.​