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CLST 304 - Archaeology of the Classical World and the Hellenistic Period (W)

This is a survey course which examines the archaeological record of the Greek world in the Classical and Hellenistic periods. A major component of this survey will be architectural. We will look at some of the major sites of these periods, including cities and sanctuaries. How did these cities look? What types of building were considered essential and how did these buildings evolve over time? What is meant by landscape architecture? Another component will be aspects of the artistic record, such as sculpture and pottery.

ASSESSMENT:  May include a midterm test and essay as well as a final exam.​
TEXTBOOK(S):  John Griffiths Pedley, Greek Art and Archaeology, 5th edition, 2012
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Anne Foley​

PREREQUISITE:  (CLST 102/3.0 and CLST 103/3.0) or CLST 129/6.0 or CLST 200/3.0 or CLST 101/6.0 or permission of the Department.