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CLST 201 - Roman History (W)

CLST 201, Roman History is a survey course that introduces students to the main figures, events and issues of Roman History from the beginnings of the city as a small state to its position of an ancient world power.  From class lectures and textbook readings,  students will learn about the origins of the Roman people, their early struggles, the growth of their Republic and the rise of their Empire. The period to be covered will begin ca. 753 B.C., the traditional date of the founding of Rome, and will end with the victory of Constantine in A.D. 312.

ASSESSMENT: Two midterm, multiple choice tests and a Final Exam, also multiple choice. (TBC)
TEXTBOOK:  Mary T. Boatwright, A Brief History of the Romans (TBC)
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Bernard Kavanagh

PREREQUISITE:  Level 2 or above.
NOTE:  Students cannot register concurrently with CLST 101/6.0.