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CLST 129 - Introduction to Archaeology (F/W)

This course presents the history and development of archaeology as an academic discipline, the methods of obtaining evidence by excavation and survey, the evaluation of artifacts and ecofacts, and the reconstruction of ancient environments and cultures. Particular emphasis will be placed on the cultures associated with the ancient Greek, Roman, Etruscan, and Near Eastern Civilizations. The contribution of archaeology to our knowledge of human history will also be discussed. Many examples will come from archaeological excavations led by professors in the Queen's Classics Department. This course is recommended for anyone intending to take part in a future excavation or archaeological research project.

Fall Term:

TEXTBOOK:  Biers, The Archaeology of Greece
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Anne Foley

Winter Term:

ASSESSMENT:  In-class exams, final exam
TEXTBOOK:  C. Renfrew and P. Bahn, Archaeology Essentials: Theory, Methods and Practice.
INSTRUCTOR:  Dr. Fabio Colivicchi