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various images depicting the Humayma Practicum ICourse Option

Undergraduate students can also receive a Queen’s course credit (CLST 408) related to the excavation. Students enrolled in this course attend weekly seminars during the field season and are graded on the quality of their field notes and their mastery of excavation techniques.

CLST 408 / 6.0 units
Archeology Fieldwork Practicum I

An intensive six-week introduction to archaeological methods and interpretation during participation in a fieldwork project run by a member of the Classics Department. In addition to tuition, students are required to pay for their own transportation to the archaeological site and to pay a camp fee. Offered in Spring-Summer Session.

Evaluation: To be discussed at yearly information session.

Pre-requisites: Second-year standing; priority to Classics concentrators. Permission of the Department.​

Enrolment: Approx. 16

Costs: Please see the Humayma Excavation Project page for details.

Contact PersonProfessor B. Reeves