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Queen's University

Infrastructure - Technology "Bricks"

Technology "bricks" document infrastructure technology and product choices that provide the deployment environment for applications.  Following a model from Gartner, a vocabulary for technology and product life cycle has been introduced at Queen's.  As per Gartner, "C ore technology building blocks, which we call bricks, are foundational architectural elements, such as operating systems or databases. These bricks are assembled in accordance with design patterns to provide a technology function. Each of these building blocks has a scope of use, tactic, strategy and life cycle in its role within the enterprise architecture. We call the documentation of each core technology and its use an 'architectural brick.' "

We expect our documentation to provide a reference for application software procurements to describe the preferred operational environment, and to be used as a base for annual planning in ITS Infrastructure technology road maps.  The documentation will be updated as decisions regarding infrastructure are made.

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