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Queen's University

IT Governance at Queen's

The Information Technology environment at Queen`s depends on strong working partnerships between the Office of the CIO and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology Services), the department of Information Technology Services (enterprise), the faculty, research, student, and administrative IT groups (distributed), and the entire Queen`s community to ensure that Queen`s information technology environment supports the University in achieving the goals of our Academic and Strategic Research plans.

What is IT Governance?

An IT Governance model consists of:

  • A) steering committees (decision-making bodies), and 
  • B) advisory committees (bodies that provide advice and resources to the steering committees).

The purpose of an IT governance model is to:

  • Institute a process by which the University endorses institutional decisions about information systems;
  • Identify the people who are assigned the responsibility for endorsing the decisions and have the accountability for the results;
  • Implement committees that meet to discuss the decisions; and
  • Foster collaboration, eliminate redundancies, ensure alignment, make effective use of resources, and provide transparency in the process.

A) Steering Committees

At Queen's, t here are three steering committees with specific responsibility for administrative systems, research systems, and educational technology systems that provide recommendations to an IT Oversight Committee.  

Learn more about what each of these groups does at the links below the diagram.


B) Advisory Committees

In addition to the decision-making steering committees, there are also several advisory committees at Queen's.  These groups provide advice to the steering committees as well as to the CIO, and consist of stakeholders both external and internal to ITServices.

Learn more about what each of these groups does at the links below the diagram.



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Updated January 2015

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