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    Cultural Change

    Image of In Spring 2012, ITServices formed an internal Culture Working Group to examine the current culture and climate of ITServices and to make recommendations to the Management Team on how to develop and maintain organizational health. The group, comprised of six staff members from across the organization, served as a tool in achieving our vision of the department as a whole, but also as a channel through which the staff of ITServices could provide feedback that would help ensure they had the tools they needed to achieve individual goals.

    First Steps

    In late April 2012, the Culture Working Group met with an external consultant (Meghan Kirwin of the Kirwin Group) for a Talent Development Workshop. This process led to the realization that the first step in improving culture should be a thorough examination of the current situation. It did not make sense to start looking at the future without examining where we were at the time.

    Cultural Review

    In Summer 2012, Meghan Kirwin was further engaged to conduct a cultural review of ITServices. This process entailed the preparation of an interview guide that formed the basis for a series of one-on-one interviews (in person and over the telephone) and three focus groups with ITServices staff members. The feedback was then analyzed to identify common themes and to make recommendations for change. Those results were presented to the department in late September 2012.

    Organizational Change

    The Culture Working Group prioritized the Review's recommendations, which were brought to the ITServices Management Team and presented to employees.  This resulted in an action plan for ITServices and the next step in our unit's organizational change.

    ITServices now has a clearly defined leadership team headed by the Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology), four Associate Directors with defined portfolios, and several Coordinators.  Each of these staff members is listed below, along with his/her portfolio:

    Bo Wandschneider -  Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice-Principal (Information Technology)

    Infrastructure Services
    Gail Ferland - Associate Director
    Terry Black - Manager; Infrastructure Operations
    Brad Hannah - Manager; Systems & Storage
    Kevin Lackie; Manager, Middleware
    Ray Pengelly - Manager; Networks & Facilities
    Nancy Simon - Manager; Client Accounts & Projects

    Support Services
    Brian McDonald - Associate Director
    Steve Alexander - Manager; Technical Services
    Sandra Brooks - Manager; User Support Specialists
    Steve Ferguson - Manager; Technical Support Specialists
    Richard Webb - Coordinator; Audio/Visual Services

    Enterprise Solutions  
    Nancy Owen - Associate Director
    Allan Kilfoyle - Manager; PeopleSoft Systems Analysts
    Brad Murphy - Manager; Web Services, Teaching, and Learning
    Paul Pearsall - Manager; PeopleSoft Business Analysts
    Kelly Rake - Manager; Administrative Applications

    Office of the CIO 
    Keith McWhirter - Associate Director
    Jim Carse - Director; Project Portfolio Office
    Brian Coughtry - Manager; Campus Computer Store & Procurement
    George Farah - Manager; Information Systems Security
    Andy Hooper - Manager; Technology Development
    Jim Lesslie - Manager; Assessment
    Katie McGrath - Manager; Finance and Administration

    ITServices Strategic Plan

    In March 2013, ITServices finalized and released its Strategic Plan, which is designed to serve as a document to focus and guide our efforts to support the University's academic mission through information technology services.

    The Plan focuses on four strategic themes: people strategies (recruitment, development, and management), organization strategies (clear roles and mandates, evidence-based decision making, and teamwork), partnership strategies (relationship development, service, and leadership for integrated Queen's IT initiatives), and technology strategies (being an IT leader, and meeting Queen's needs with the best technologies and service delivery models).

    These identified strategic goals and intended outcomes will be accomplished through development of more specific annual objectives, timelines, metrics, and actions implemented by ITServices units and cross-unit teams with a department-wide focus.


    The ITServices management group is working toward the development of annual objectives and timelines, as described above.  Work is also being done to integrate this process into the new budget planning process at Queen's, to ensure that decisions are informed by the current and anticipated fiscal situation of the University.

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