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Leaders require more than just high marks to motivate, persuade, and excite. That is why at Queen’s School of Business, where our mission is to develop the leaders of tomorrow, we select students for the Bachelor of Commerce Program on the basis of both their academic record and their record of extracurricular achievements.
Who Should Apply
Students who succeed in Queen’s Commerce Program typically can be described as follows; they:       
  •   are well-rounded academically, with diverse interests
  •   have demonstrated leadership skills
  •   have an aptitude for both quantitative and qualitative subjects
  •   are bright, enthusiastic and ambitious
  •   thrive in a team environment
  •   are people who make a difference, in class, in their school, or in their community.
To view more information regarding Admission & Registration, please see the left side tabs or go to Queen’s University Admissions website at www.queensu.ca/admission and Queen’s University Registrar’s website at www.queensu.ca/registrar

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Commerce Admissions/Registration/Fees