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2010-2011 Academic Year

Arts and Science Continuing and Distance Studies

Continuing and Distance Studies
Manager B.King
Office F100 Mackintosh-Corry Hall
Telephone 613-533-2470
E-MailAddress cds@queensu.ca
World Wide Web Address www.queensu.ca/cds
Continuing and Distance Studies (CDS)offers degree credit courses through distance study and also offers on-campus courses during the Spring-Summer Session. Each course counts for degree credit in the same way as does theequivalent course offered in the Fall-Winter on-campus Session and may be taken by both full-time and part-time students.Interested students should consultthe CDS websitewww.queensu.ca/cds for information on course offerings in the upcoming terms and sessions.Priority in courses will be given to students who participate in thecourse selection process (see Sessional Dates).
Degree Programs
Students who are not able to attend daytime classes on campus may complete a program leading to a B.A. degree with a minor concentration in some subjects by taking a combinationof distance and evening courses during the Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter Sessions. Students may also supplement Queen's courses with courses taken on a letter of permission from other universities (either through distance study or on-campus) to complete a B.A. degree program (see Distance Courses below).

Students wishing to take the minor concentrations in science subjects or programs leading to other degrees offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science will find it necessary to attend some daytime classes on campus during the Fall-Winter Session.
Admission as a Part-Time Student
Applicants wishing to be admitted should access the Undergraduate Admissionwebsite at www.queensu.ca/admission for details and to obtain an application form. For application deadlines, see Sessional Dates or check the CDS website at www.queensu.ca/cds. Refer to the Admission chapterof thisCalendar for details on the criteria for being admitted to a degree program. Although the minimum requirements are the same for full- and part-time admission, the actual standing required for full-time admission is higher because preference is given to applicants with the strongest academic records. Part-time admission may also require that an applicant's academic standing be above the minimum outlined in the Admission section. Part-time admission is subject to availability of space in programs and courses in any given academic session or term.
Distance Courses
In each academic session aselection of distance courses is offered. By enrolling in a combination of distance and on-campus courses it is possible to complete the requirements for some degrees. Students may also take courses either on campus or through distance delivery from another university for credit toward their Queen's degree. In order to do this they must obtain a Letter of Permission from the Arts and Science Faculty Office, F200 Mackintosh-Corry Hall. Queen's degrees require the completion of a minimum number of Queen's credits; see Academic Regulation 28 of the Arts and Science Calendar, for information on how many courses mustbe taken through Queen's.
Priority for all courses, including distance, will be given to students who participate in the course selection step of registration. Students who do not participate in the course selection process may add courses via QCARD (Queen's Computer Access to Registration Database) during the add/drop period in September (see Sessional Dates). Students who will be studying at a distanceare strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible to ensure receipt of textbooks and other resource materials early in the term.
Details on which courses are offered in the current year and further information about each course are contained in theContinuing and Distance Studies website atwww.queensu.ca/cds.
Arts and Science Continuing and Distance Studies
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