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Education Teacher Education Course Descriptions (BEd/DipEd)
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Teacher Education Course Descriptions (BEd/DipEd)
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Teacher Education Course Descriptions (BEd/DipEd)

The course weight in units follows the course number preceded by an oblique.  For example, CURR 303/6.0 is a full course; FOUN 465/3.0 is a half course; PROF 190AB*/1.5 is a quarter course.  The course number (e.g. 303 or 465) does not denote any particular year of study or academic level.

*Courses that continue through the Fall/Winter are referred to as multi-term courses.  These courses are identified with an "A" and "B" in the course codes; "A" indicating the first term (Fall), and "B" indicating the second term (Winter).  Candidates must register separately for the "A" course and the "B" course (Note: SOLUS will NOT do this automatically).

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Education Teacher Education Course Descriptions (BEd/DipEd)
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