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The Commerce Program is a direct entry four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) or the degree of Bachelor of Commerce.  The main purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for young people to prepare themselves, not only for positions of leadership in the world of business and government, but also for responsible positions in the wider community. The program is designed to give the student insight into the problems that a manager faces in directing a business enterprise and in making the decisions which are essential to the successful operation of any undertaking. Moreover, the program is intended to help the student acquire a more general understanding of society through a study of courses in business and in Faculty of Arts and Science.

Most high school students have not developed clearly defined career interests or goals. Career plans take shape during the university years as aptitudes develop, interests sharpen, and experience broadens. The Commerce Program introduces the student to a range of career possibilities and builds a broad background of useful knowledge and skills. Close association with able faculty and lively student groups, as well as seminar discussions with visiting business executives and research and consulting projects, help mould student interest and widen perspectives. 
Graduates in Commerce enjoy a wide variety of employment opportunities. They may become financial analysts, investment bankers, management consultants, labour relations practitioners, human resource managers, account executives in advertising agencies, chartered or management accountants, merchandising managers, market researchers, production managers, or information technology managers. Some continue their education to enter such professions as law, industrial relations, or teaching or to further study in management.  The Commerce Program is appropriate for students with a high standard of academic performance in Mathematics, English, History, or Sciences and a strong interest in application as well as in theory.   Most candidates for the Bachelor of Commerce degree enter the Program in their first university year. However, it is possible to transfer into the program after one and, in some cases, after two years in another university degree program.