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2011-2012 Academic Year

Applied Science Degree Programs Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering
Department Head L. Daneshmend
Chair of Undergraduate Studies T. Katsabanis
Undergraduate Program Assistant T. McKenna
Office Goodwin Hall, Room 354
Telephone (613) 533-2230
Fax (613) 533-6597 
E-mail pa.mineugrads@itu.queensu.ca
Departmental Web Site http://www.mine.queensu.ca
The mineral industry deals with the excavation and processing of ore to obtain the mineral products required by contemporary society. To meet industrial requirements, the curriculum of Mining Engineering provides three closely associated options: Mining Engineering, Mine-Mechanical Engineering, and Mineral Processing and Environmental Engineering. The Mining Engineering Option, in addition to the fundamentals of mining, includes elements of earthworks and excavation for both surface and underground. The Mine-Mechanical option produces mining engineers who understand the design, modification, automation, use and maintenance of heavy and specialized equipment in the mining industry. In the Mineral Processing and Environmental Engineering option, the subjects addressed include the design, operation and control of ore treatment plants and the environmental control systems required by government regulations.
Mining Engineering Curriculum
Students in the Mining and Mine – Mechanical options are required to take MINE 262, Engineering Surveying. This course is offered following the Spring examination period.  It is strongly recommended that students complete this requirement before entering their third year program.

Applied Science Degree Programs Mining Engineering
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