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Applied Science Glossary Glossary

Academic Units, numerically equal to CEAB Accreditation Units.
Board of Trustees
The senior administrative body of the University.
Financial award for a student in need.
An official publication of academic regulations, programs of study, descriptions of courses of instruction, and requirements for graduation.
Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board.
Challenge Examinations
Tests of competence in First Year subjects at the beginning of the year.
CS: Complementary Studies
Topics in Engineering Economics, Communications, Management, Humanities and Social Sciences, Linkage and Professional Issues, and Performance Arts and Languages.
Confidential Examination
An examination paper recovered after the examination and withheld from circulation or publication.
Those courses which are a mandatory part of a program.
Courses which must be taken at the same time as the course in question, or have previously been taken and passed.
To attribute to an academic record, the accreditation units for a similar course of instruction.
The Chief Executive Officer of the Faculty.
A subdivision of the Faculty responsible for a particular subject or group of related subjects, or a discipline.
Engineering Cumulative Grade Point Average – see Regulation 16c for definition.
Engineering Graduation Grade Point Average – see Regulation 16d for definition.

A group of courses from which a specified number must be chosen to satisfy part of the requirements for the degree.
Engineering Design
Development of elements, systems and processes using mathematics, science and engineering science to meet specific needs and constraints.
Engineering Science
Application of mathematics and basic sciences to the identification and solution of engineering problems. 
Engineering Session
Defined as the Fall, Winter and Summer terms of the academic year, provided the student is registered in the FEAS for all of these sessions.
Engineering student
A student registered in the FEAS.
Engineering Sessional Grade Point Average – see Regulation 16b for definition.

A required course replaced in a program by relevant Work Experience plus an equivalent number of Accreditation Units extra to the program approved by the Operations Committee.
Extended Program
An extension of Year One into the spring term allowing more time for the study of mathematics, chemistry and physics to assist first year students having difficulties in those subjects.
Faculty Board
The Committee charged with overseeing all academic matters in the Faculty.
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.
Grade Point Average – see Regulation 16a for definition.
Group of Ten Student Exchange Program.
H & SS
Humanities and Social Sciences.
International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience.
A twelve or sixteen month period in industry, arranged by the University, for academic credit.
Letter of Permission
A formal document allowing a student to take a course at another institution in lieu of one in the student's regular program.
Natural Sciences
Physics, Chemistry, Earth and Life Sciences.
Operations Committee
A standing committee of Faculty Board which deals with Admissions, Scholarships, Academic Progress, and Curriculum matters.
One of two or more streams within a program: eg., the Environmental Option in Civil Engineering.
Professional Engineer, registered by a Provincial licensing authority.
Professional Engineers Ontario: The licensing authority in Ontario.
Courses which must be passed before the course in question can be taken.
The Chief Executive Officer of the University.
Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)
Challenge Examinations in First Year Subjects.
A specified combination of courses leading to a degree in a particular subject.
Queen's Undergraduate Internship Program.
Reading Week
A period in which classes are suspended in favour of independent study.
Regular Session
A Regular Session normally consists of the Fall and Winter terms of instruction.  In the case of first year students registered in the Extended Program, the Regular Session includes the Spring term.
The rules established by the Faculty Board and by the Senate by which a student's academic progress and deportment are governed.
The reassessment of a student's final paper in a course, on appeal.
Student Assistance Levy.
A financial award based on academic merit.
The University's senior academic board.
Student On-Line University System
Replacement of a required course, stipulated in the calendar, by another course, with the approval of the Operations Committee.
School of Urban and Regional Planning.
A period of instruction, usually of 12 weeks duration.
A document provided by the Registrar's Office that lists the entire academic record-to-date of a student in the University. An Official Transcript is certified by the Registrar.
Transfer Credit
Credit allowed for a course taken in another Faculty or at another institution.
A formal process for discontinuing studies in a course or in a program.

Applied Science Glossary Glossary
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