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Applied Science Undergraduate Program Dual Degrees

Dual Degrees
A number of degrees offered by the Faculty of Arts and Science can be taken concurrently with a degree in Engineering and Applied Science. Students must apply for admission through the Admission Services Office after one year at Queen's. To be accepted into a Dual Degree program in Engineering and Applied Science, you must have a cumulative average of 60% or higher. The application deadline for fall term entry is 1 June and for winter term entry is 1 December. Candidates must have completed at least one year of study in their current program and must be in good academic standing. Dual Degree programs will normally take at least five years of study, although some combinations of programs will be longer.  Usually the path to be followed is intricate and requires the help of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies in the Engineering and Applied Science program.
   Dual Degree students may double count up to a maximum of 10.0 credits towards both degrees. Students must register in the appropriate faculty/school for the additional courses required for their 2nd degree and these additional courses must all be completed at Queen's.  Fees for the courses registered under the 2nd degree will be assessed according to the faculty/school through which the course is offered.

Applied Science Undergraduate Program Dual Degrees
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