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Applied Science Complementary Studies Communications Courses

Communications Courses

The ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing is critical for all engineers. This is developed within each Department's curriculum in a variety of ways, including the evaluation of written reports and oral presentations. There are also courses designed specifically to improve a student's ability to communicate in English; these are listed below. In some programs one or more of these courses may be included in the core of the program.

   Each student must take a minimum of 36 AU's in Communications. At the end of each Degree Program listing in the Calendar there is an explanation of how students in that Program meet this requirement .



APSC 291
Engineering Communications I
APSC 292
Engineering Communications II
CHEE 360

Technical Communication II


CIVL 200

Civil Week I: Professional Skills


CIVL 201 Professional Skills 28

CIVL 300

Civil Week II: Professional Skills


CIVL 400

Civil Week III: Professional Skills


ELEC 391
Technical Communication II
MECH 391 Technical Communication - Advanced - Part I  6
MINE 434
Project Report
MTHE 494
Mathematics and Engineering Seminar
PHYS 455
Engineering Physic Thesis

Applied Science Complementary Studies Communications Courses
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