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2011-2012 Academic Year

Applied Science Degree Programs Mechanical Engineering Class of 2010

Class of 2010
Second Year Common CORE
CIVL 220 Statics and Solid Mechanics F 36-0-12 48
MATH 225 Ordinary Differential Equations F 36-0-6 42
MATH 226 * Ordinary Differential Equations F 36-0-0 36
MECH 213 Manufacturing Methods F 36-12-0 48
MECH 230 Thermodynamics I F 36-0-6 42
MECH 270 Materials Science and Engineering F 36-5-4 45
APSC 291 * *
Engineering Communications Part I
F 4-0-8
APSC 292 * *
Engineering Communications Part II
ELEC 210 Introductory Electric Circuits and Machines W 36-6-6 48
MATH 272 Application of Numerical Methods W 36-6-0 42
MECH 212 Design Techniques W 24-18-0 42
MECH 215 Instrumentation and Measurement W 36-12-6 54
MECH 228 Kinematics and Dynamics W 36-0-6 42
MECH 241 Fluid Mechanics I W 36-0-6 42

* MATH 226 can be substituted for MATH 225 with the permission of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies in MECH. This is applicable mainly to students who transferred into MECH.

** Students most likely took MECH 290 FW, but can take APSC 291 and APSC 292 to meet core requirements.

Third Year Common CORE

MECH 321 Solid Mechanics II F 36-0-6 42
MECH 328 Dynamics and Vibration F 36-0-6 42
MECH 391 * * *
Technical Communication - Advanced
F 6-0-6 12
PHYS 333 Electronics for Scientists and
F 24-18-0 42
MECH 323 Machine Design W 36-12-6 54
MECH 346 Heat Transfer W 36-0-6 42
MECH 350 Automatic Controls W 33-3-6 42
STAT 367 Engineering Data Analysis W 36-0-12 48
Complementary Studies, List A F/W 36
+Technical Elective (min 36 unit recommended)
(See approved lists below)

* * * Students most likely took MECH 391 F and MECH 392 W when weighted less, but can take MECH 391 to meet core requirements.

MECH 330Applied Thermodynamics IIF36-0-642
MECH 396 or MECH 398Materials Engineering Laboratory I or Mechanical Engineering Laboratory IF9-9-018
MECH 341Fluid Mechanics IIW36-0-642
MECH 397 or MECH 399Materials Engineering Laboratory II or Mechanical Engineering Laboratory IIW9-9-018

MECH 370Principles of Materials ProcessingF36-0-642
MECH 396Materials Engineering Laboratory IF9-9-018
MECH 371Fracture Mechanics and Dislocation TheoryW36-0-642
MECH 397Materials Engineering Laboratory IIW9-9-018

Fourth Year Common CORE
APSC 2211Engineering EconomicsF36-0-036
MECH 460 *Team Project - Conceive and DesignF24-42-066
Complementary Studies, List AF/W36
Complementary Studies, List A, B, C or DF/W36
Technical Electives (See approved lists below)F/W300

Note: Must have total of 336 AUs Technical Electives over 3rd and 4th year.

* Capstone Design Course

All students must take a capstone design course in their program. This would normally be MECH 460 (66 units, Fall) for ME1 and ME2 students. ME3 students must take MECH 462 along with MECH 460 (total units 108, Fall and Winter).

However, all students may choose to take APSC 480 (108 units Fall/Winter) or APSC 400 (78 units, Fall/Winter) as substitutes for MECH 460. ME1 and ME2 students should note that any units above 66 for these courses count towards their technical elective units.

ME3 students who choose to take APSC 400 instead of MECH 460 and MECH 462 must make up the lost units (108 - 78 = 30 units) with another technical elective.

Students must be aware that APSC 480 has a prerequisite - APSC 381.

If students want to take APSC 400 or APSC 480 they must make sure they DROP MECH 460 and  MECH 462 and ADD their desired course.

ME1 and ME2
Capstone Course
MECH 460
(66 units F)
APsC 480
(108 units, FW)
Units over 66 count as technical elective.
APSC 400
(78 units, FW)
Units over 66 count towards technical elective.

+ This is the recommended minimum number of AUs, students typically take more.

1 APSC 221 - Engineering Economics, offered in Fall Term only for 2009/10 (This course replaces COMM 244.)

Complementary Studies
Refer to the Complementary Studies section of this calendar for details regarding the requirements for all Engineering programs. For the Mechanical Program, the Engineering Economics course is COMM 244, and the Communications courses are MECH 290, MECH 391 and MECH 392.

Applied Science Degree Programs Mechanical Engineering Class of 2010
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