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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Student Services Team

Tom Gallini

Student and Enrolment Services Manager

Tom has worked at the Bader International Study Centre since October 2014, and has a BA (Hons) in Classics and Theology from Durham University, and an MA in Religious Studies from Queen's University. In his MA research Tom looked at how non-heterosexual young people negotiate their religious and sexual identities, and used Queer Theory as a lens through which to look at this. He previously worked at the BISC as an Assistant Student Services Manager from 2006-2009, and after completing his MA was responsible for administering a 3-year pilot study abroad program at Queen's University. While doing so he also assisted in the running of the exchange program through the International Programs Office at Queen's University. He subsequently worked for the Associate Vice-Principal (International) at Queen's, and has prepared briefing materials for the U15 and Russell Group about the state of international mobility, specifically with reference to the UK and Canada. Tom also has experience as a parliamentary caseworker, aiding constituents on a number of social justice issues including immigration, and housing. 

Tom lives on site with his wife Chantal, and Tucker, a bichon frise/miniature poodle cross. Tom enjoys singing with the BISC choir, soccer, and reading non-fiction.

Mel Burke

Assistant Student and Enrolment Services Manager

Mel has recently started at the Bader International Study Centre, and has a BA in Contemporary Studies & Criminology from Wilfrid Laurier University, and is currently working on an MA in Adult Education. As an undergraduate student, Mel was an advocate for student engagement and the importance of students having a say in their university experience. That experience led to a passion to influence student life in various roles developing diversity programming, enhancing residence living, and improving alumni relations at several universities across Canada. When she’s not working or studying, Mel can be found travelling, on FaceTime with her nephew, watching crime documentaries, or bustin’ a move to hits from the 90s.


Niamh O'Shea

Assistant Student Services Manager

Niamh has recently started at the Bader International Study Centre, and has a BA (Hons) in Human Rights and Women’s and Gender Studies from Carleton University, and an MS in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University. It was Niamh’s extracurricular involvements as an undergraduate student that led to her belief some of the most important learning a university student engages in happens outside of a classroom.  Since then, Niamh has worked at universities in Canada, the United States, and the UK, supporting students as they embark on journeys of discovery and growth. Although her background includes working with orientation programs, service-learning initiatives, and frontline administrative services, Niamh comes to the BISC most recently from Colorado State University, where she served as the Graduate Coordinator for Co-Curricular Leadership Programs. Niamh is drawn to communities promoting holistic growth and empowerment through experiential learning – and she feels the BISC does just that! When she’s not at the Castle, Niamh can be found watching movies, travelling, spending time with storytellers of all kinds, and promoting the merits of Celine Dion to anyone who will listen!


Student Life Coordinators

Michael Green

It took everything in Michael Green’s power to resist writing this biography as a poem. Michael Green is a small town man who recently started in his role at the Bader International Study Centre. He has both BA and MA Degrees in English Literature from Queen’s University and his focus was wide-ranging; he devoured as much literature as possible: from Old Viking sagas and the Brontë sisters to Post-modernism and Post-Post-modernism. If you write him an email, expect a well-structured one in return. While at Queen’s, Michael had the unique opportunity to be the Residence Don for an all-male floor and an all-female floor. He has yet to work in a castle, but is very excited to do so. When not respectfully and passionately debating about his favourite books and social justice issues, Michael is trying his best to show love towards animals. He has been volunteering at the Kingston Humane Society since 2011, doing important work petting the kittens and walking the puppies. He also loves writing, corgis, photography, game of thrones conspiracy theories, making jokes on twitter, and forming strong, thoughtful communities.


Chelsea Ranger

Chelsea recently completed a BA hon. at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) with a major in Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies and minors in English and Italian. It was at UTM that she became involved in Residence Life and Student Life: Community Engagement, discovering a passion for community building that would take her all the way to the BISC. An avid traveler, she has taught English in Italy, assisted in organizing the inaugural UTM Student Life Global Experience to Guatemala, worked as a tour guide for students going to Ottawa, Niagara, and even England(!) and of course has had odd jobs in theatre related settings as a stage manager/arts educator/actress/arts administrator.

When not working, Chelsea enjoys reading, the Netflix subscription she "borrowed" from her sister, and long walks. Her guilty pleasures include Starbucks, Lush products, and using hashtags in real life. Her guiltless pleasures include all things Harry Potter, educational podcasts, and playing the ukulele (badly).


Nathan Utioh

Nathan is a new graduate of Queen’s University completing his BA (Hons) in Life Sciences. During his undergrad Nathan spent most of his time with extracurricular activities that supported students in various points of transition as students. Nathan spent three years working in residence with both Residence Life and Residence Society (residence council) working with first year students as they worked through the adjustment to life as university level students. Nathan was most recently the President of the Student Alumni Association where he and his team led programming designed to prepare students for their life away from Queen’s and introducing students to their lifelong connection with the Queen’s alumni network. In his work with student transition, Nathan finds that it is most important for students to actively shape their own learning experience. In his free time, Nathan enjoys reading, running, musicals, soccer, talking politics, and a handful (or two) of chocolate mini-eggs.