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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Student Services

Student Services is dedicated to the well-being of every student. We offer guidance and support within a safe environment; fostering greater cultural integration and empowering students to take responsibility for their own experience, learning and development.

Our department is committed to the global and academic mission of the Bader International Study Centre.

Student Services is responsible for many aspects of your life at the Castle, including but not limited to:

  • organizing student arrivals
  • running Orientation Week
  • offering guidance for students' personal problems
  • providing opportunities for students to connect with the local community
  • referring students to local health care professionals
  • maintaining a safe, secure and a respectful community
  • upholding rules and regulations
  • supporting student-run initiatives
  • running on-site educational, social events and sports activities
  • coordinating special academic accommodations
  • advising the Student Government
  • arranging non-academic trips
  • transitions programme (BISC and Queen’s-based)

As well as organising the safe arrival (and departure) of the students to the BISC, Student services organise and run the Orientation programme. The programme includes tours, introductions to key staff and services, paperwork and registration, information sessions as well as a tour of the local area including University of Sussex Library. We organise social and team building activities in order to help you feel comfortable with your peers and the BISC community. Our programmes are designed to prepare new students for the educational opportunities and the integration in the intellectual, cultural and social aspects of the community.

You can view a sample Orientation Schedule for reference.

Community Building

Community building is a top priority of the BISC and Student Services develop programmes and events which complement classroom learning by offering practical experiences which allow students to explore values, address social issues and community, careers and their leadership potential. Recognising that the welfare and discipline of the student body is a major influence on the community, Student Services is proactive in maintaining both. We are the first point of contact for students with any concerns and we assist with advocacy where necessary.