Bader International Study Centre


at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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On-Site Security

Bader Hall and the BISC estate are staffed 24 hours by our security team. The team does rounds of the estate and Bader Hall regularly to ensure the safety of all students.

Blue Light System

Lampposts are located around the estate that have emergency help buttons on them. The emergency help buttons are easily identified on campus by their yellow boxes with a large red button. They are located on frequently travelled routes to create better access to emergency services along those areas.

When the red button is pushed, the security team is alerted and will respond to the exact location where the button is activated. 

Walkhome Service

Escorted walks and lifts to and from Bader Hall are available to students. To arrange this service please call reception at extension 4400. The service is available between dusk and sunrise.

Working with Us

We work hard to provide safe and secure living spaces – but you also share responsibility for keeping our buildings safe. Please:

  • Do not prop open doors to our buildings
  • Do not leave your door unlocked
  • Do not give your key to anyone else
  • Do not let unescorted non-residents follow you into your building
  • Do report any strangers or suspicious activity to the front desk


  • Fire alarm drills are held at the beginning of each year, and fire alarm testing is conducted each week on a Friday morning. Please evacuate for all fire alarms, except for these weekly tests.
  • If there is an emergency on campus, your SLC or other Student Services staff will connect with you to provide details.