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Police Registration

You only need to register with the police in the UK if there is a clear requirement to do so on either:

  • Your entry clearance visa (in your passport) 
  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)
  • Home Office Letter (Your decision letter OR the letter accompanying your BRP)  

If there is no requirement to register with the police on any of these documents the information on this page is not relevant to you. 

Not registering with the police, if you are required to do so, is a criminal offence and you may be reported to the Home Office for failure to comply with the conditions of your leave to enter/remain in the United Kingdom.

How do I register with the police in the UK?

The Administration Manager will contact you with directions for registering with the police. Typically the police will come to the BISC and the registration process will be conducted on-site.There is a fee for registering with the police of £34. You’ll need to provide the police with:

  • 2 recent passport size colour photographs
  • your passport with your entry visa vignette
  • your BRP, if you have one
  • the Home Office letter that approved your application for leave

For more information and to see if it is likely you will need to register with the police please visit