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Meet your BISC Mentors

A photo of Darcie, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Darcie

Years at the BISC: 2011-2012

Major: Psychology

Interests: Reading, Cooking, Yoga, Board Games

Involvement at Queen's: Queen's Swing Club, Culture and Cognition Lab, Queen's Student Ambassador Program, Queen's American Students Association

Interesting fact about me: In high school I took a fencing class with a friend because we loved the book "The Three Musketeers". I later used my swordsman skills in a production of Shakespeare's King Richard III.


A photo of Christina, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Christina

Years at the BISC: 2011-2012

Medial: Medial in Psychology and Health

Interests: Tea parties, Dogs, Knitting, and Reading

Involvement at Queen's: Lost Paws, Revved-up, and ASUS Peer Tutor

Interesting fact about me: My first name was supposed to be Persephone!

A photo of Dario, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Dario

Years at the BISC: 2011-2012

Major/Minor: Political Studies

Interests: History, music, reading, board games

Involvement at Queen's: Vice President of Castle Connections, BISC Mentor, Engineers without Borders Research and Development, Innertube Water Polo

Interesting fact about me: I rode a camel in the Sahara desert on a history trip in high school.


A photo of Marianne, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Marianne

Years at the BISC: 2012-2013

Major/Minor: History Major, English Minor

Interests: Figure Skating, all things glitter, Disney Princesses, especially Princess Belle, yoga, and Friends  

Involvement at Queen's: RESSOC FYEA (First Year Event Advisor)

Interesting fact about me: Cows are the only animals that I like, and elephants. I like them too.


A photo of Krishna, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Krishna

Years at the BISC: 2012-2013

Major/Minor: Politics / Language Studies

Interests: archery, painting & doodling (everywhere!), skiing, and travel

Involvement at Queen's: Bikes & Boards profit-share artist (the shop / repair place on campus), member of a sorority in Kingston, make a wish foundation, Queen’s annual Hairaiser (my hair is 17” shorter now), and occasional member of the Chinese conversation club.

Interesting fact about me: I was born in Canada but grew up in Zimbabwe, I moved back here in 2005 just over a year after mean girls was released and my entire middle school originally believed because of the movie that I was homeschooled or that I didn’t speak English.


A photo of Emily, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Emily a.k.a. Em​

Years at the BISC: 2012-2013

Major/Minor: Global Development Major, Politics Minor

Interests: Traveling, Exercising, Reading, Netflixing, Napping, Wine Tasting

Involvement at Queen's: Queen’s Model United Nations, Residence Society, Hanging out with Castle Connections, Intramurals

An interesting fact about me: I graduated from a theater program at an arts high school and I used to row competitively so if you talk to me about it I’ll tell you stories of the glory days. I am also quite talented at making strange dinosaur and dolphin noises.

A photo of Kaylia, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Kaylia

Years at the BISC: 2011-2012

Major/Minor: Major Global Development; Minor French Studies

Interests: Dance, art, board games, travelling, social justice, musicals, cats, and volunteering

Involvement at Queen's: Nyantende Foundation, Queen’s Dance Club, Project Red, Global Development Department Student Council

Interesting fact about me: I once played the Tin Man in my dance studios' year-end production of the Wizard of Oz.

A photo of Joanna, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Joanna Albers a.k.a  Ginge

Years at the BISC: 2012-2013

Major/Minor: French (Con-Ed)

Interests: Castle Connections Executive, DON, Tutoring, Queen’s Microsoft Ambassador

Interesting fact about me (and my family): My family owns two greenhouses, one in Canada and one in Florida and we are the biggest calla lily grower in North America. My grandpa started the business in 1976 and my dad took over when he retired. My brother is currently studying at the University of Guelph to one-day take over the business from my dad. It has been an incredible experience working on a family farm, as family is one of the most important aspects of my life.


A photo of Sean, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Sean

Years at the BISC: 2012-2013 (first year), 2014 (British Archaeology)

Major: History/Politics

Interests: Fencing, Music, Reading, Skating

Involvement at Queen's: Fencing club, Castle Connections, BISC Mentor, BAH, International Studies Certificate.

Interesting fact about me: I have played Trumpet for seven years, Euphonium for four, and can also play Tuba, Trombone, and French Horn.

A photo of Ryan, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Ryan

Years at the BISC: BISC ’13 (2012-2013)

Major: Econ Major, History Minor

Interests: Sports (Basketball and Soccer mainly), Music, and Travel

Interesting fact about me: I have lived in four Canadian provinces (NL, ON, NS, NB), The Bahamas, and England, I collect vinyl records, and I think I’m addicted to House of Cards.

A photo of Kristen, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Kristen

Years at the BISC: 2012-2013

Major: Major in Economics, Minor in Philosophy

Interests: Travelling, volunteering, reading, hiking, skiing 

Involvement at Queen's: Worked for the Residence Society and member of the Queen’s Rotaract Club


A photo of Megan, a Buddy Mentor

Name: Megan (Mentor in the Winter 2015 term)

Years at the BISC: First Year 2012-2013

Major: DEVS Major, Music Minor & International Studies Certificate

Interests: performing/singing, traveling, photography, being outdoors (hiking, camping, biking, canoeing, eating s'mores), ballet, learning languages, social justice, skating, swimming, writing, caring for animals

Involvement at Queen's: Queen's Yoga Club, Queen's Choral Ensemble & Chamber Choir, Queen's Outdoors Club, Attending arts events around Queen's

Interesting fact about me: I tried an impressive number of gelato flavours on my spring travels to Italy… I will never think of ice cream or 'frozen dessert' the same way​.