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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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ISGHD Students Travel to Oxford

Last weekend the ISGHD students and faculty travelled to Oxford to visit two very different but equally interesting organizations that are models for interprofessional education and practice in a health care environment. On Friday we visited Sobell Hospice, where we had the opportunity to tour the facility and discuss services offered by a dedicated and committed multidisciplinary team of professional service providers and users. The Sobell team of nine spent almost three hours with our group sharing everything from medical treatment, peer and family support, end of life procedures, environmental awareness, social needs and their client-centered approach to health care. This visit opened our eyes to an important area within the health sciences that many of us are not familiar with. After a bit of free time to explore the beautiful city, shop and visit the Ashmolean Museum everyone had a relaxing but fun evening. More than a few of us came home with filled shopping bags and Oxford hoodies!

A photograph of students in Oxford

On Saturday we visited CLEAR (“Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation” unit) at Brookes Oxford University. The CLEAR unit provides physical rehabilitation through education, exercise and sport to improve the quality of life of those living with a disability. We felt privileged to have Professor Helen Dawes, CLEAR Director and Elizabeth Casson Trust Chair in Rehabilitation, lead our sessions. Professor Dawes was assisted by their Unit Manager, a client, and their Head of Junior Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation providing another excellent example of multidisciplinary team-work. CLEAR ensures it implements and adheres to the latest evidence based practice and has an active research component anchored in their centre. As a special bonus, our students were invited to discuss internship opportunities at CLEAR. Many students exchanged contact information to further discuss future internships! After leaving CLEAR and having more time to explore, we headed out on guided tours of the city centre and learned of the Oxford College system and scholastic history (and Harry Potter filming locations!) of this famous city. What a fantastic introductory field trip for the ISGHD program!

B. Richan, Director, ISGHD

A photo of students at the Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation unit