Bader International Study Centre


at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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BISC – Your Gateway to the World

  • A 15th century castle and the surrounding moat

    A heritage of learning – A 15th century castle owned and operated by Queen’s University, this small, liberal arts campus is a “Gateway to the World” emphasizing global citizenship and experiential learning. Apply now. 

  • Students in a Chemistry Lab

    The castle sciences program – "It’s normally really hard to travel abroad as a scientist, because you’re restricted by your access to labs. I think the fact that you’ve studied abroad really makes you stand out from other scientists" – Brianna – First Year Science student.

  • A group of students on a field study

    Acting globally – The BISC will help you become a true global citizen. We’ll shake up your assumptions and get you thinking outside the box. We’ll expose you to new ideas and cultures, and to very different ways of doing things.

  • Laboratory classroom at Battle Abbey

    First Year Con-Ed at the BISC – First Year Con-Ed students visit Battle Abbey School to observe teaching practices at a renowned British private school. Experiential Learning Opportunities are a key feature of the BISC academic experience and are a part of every course that we offer.

  • Two students sitting in the courtyard studying

    Space to think – customized field studies and small class sizes provide graduate-level contact with faculty in a unique and supportive learning environment.

  • A sculpture of a woman reading in the Castle gardens

    Quiet contemplation in the gardens – for the past 500 years and more people have been visiting Herstmonceux Castle to admire its impressive design, its unique brickwork, beautiful gardens and setting within the Sussex landscape.

  • Aerial view of the Castle and grounds

    Centre for International Education – In 1993 the Castle was purchased by Drs. Alfred and Isabel Bader and donated to Queen’s University, Alfred’s Alma Mater, with the intent to establish it as a centre of international education. Queen’s International Study Centre was born, and in 1994, after extensive renovations to transform bedrooms into offices and work areas into classrooms, the first students arrived.