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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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INTS 324/3.0 International Perspectives in the Creative Arts II: Deconstructing the City (Visual Space and the Modern)

Instructor: Dr. Robert Hyland

Course Description

This course examines how theories and debates in urban design have been implemented historically in the development of cities, and in the development of the culture of cities, from historical epics to science fiction. This course will look intensively at how such issues as ghettoization, poverty management, and management of transportation networks, as well as disaster management has penetrated the cultural imagination, and how that cultural imagination then reshapes our relationship to the city. 

Expected Learning Outcomes

Students will see how the city has been conceived in cinematic terms and develop the ability to articulate ideas in concrete language. Students will develop writing and researching skills and be able to express themselves creatively in oral and written forms.

Field Studies

There will be field studies into the city of London, to look at modern building projects, including The Shard, 20 Fenchurch Street, and the Leadenhall Building, as well as a visit to Hay’s Galleria and the Tate Modern Art Museum.

Primary Research Expectations

Students will be expected to consult primary and secondary sources from which they will develop a long essay. Students can choose to research on a film, television show, set of news articles or a photography exhibition while pursuing their program of study.


Students will be evaluated for their essay writing and will be required to give an oral presentation. There will also be a visual component to their assessment. In the past, students have been given photography assignments, where they must ‘capture the city.’