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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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FILM 303/3.0 National and International Cinema

Instructor: Dr. Robert Hyland

Course Description

This course examines the cinema from a particular national perspective. Previous years have focussed on Japanese cinema or the cinema of Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Special emphasis on how social, cultural or political context informs and shapes the film production of a nation, is given.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Students will develop a clear and coherent understanding of how a nation expresses itself through its artistic and cultural output.

Field Studies

Past field studies for this course have included visits to special collections held at the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Ashmolean Museum. There have also been visits to the Japan Centre, the Barbican Centre and expos on Japanese animation.

Primary Research Expectations

Students are expected to consult with several primary and secondary texts. Past student research has investigated the impact of the re-unification with China upon Hong Kong cinema, the cultural divide between Taiwanese and Chinese cinemas, the impact of Japanese colonization upon Taiwan, and the effect of the post-war occupation of Japan, on its cinema.


Students will conduct research toward a long essay. Assignments will evaluate research and pre-writing skills, as well as presentation and essay composition skills.