Bader International Study Centre


at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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WiFi Access

The BISC provides wireless access in most of Bader Hall and the Castle. The wireless network offers 2 services:

  • biscwireless is an unencrypted service which is unsecure and does not allow every web service
  • biscsecure which is a secure encrypted service and provides full access to all web services.

It is recommended that you connect to the secure service, biscsecure.  Connection to the secure service is a bit complicated the first time you set-up the connection. However once you have configured your computer correctly then it should automatically join you to the wireless network whenever you are in an area with wireless connectivity. You do not have to enter your login credentials everytime.

Connecting to the unencrypted biscwireless service

On a PC

  1. If your laptop has a wireless switch, make sure it is switched on.
  2. Locate the icon to connect to a wireless network and choose connect to biscwireless (the unsecured network). You may get a warning that biscwireless is an unsecure network, but please click on connect anyway.
  3. Open an internet browser.Your internet browser will automatically be forwarded to an authentication page where you will need to input your bisc username and password, then click on the log in button.

On a Macintosh

  1. From the menu bar select Turn Airport On or select System Preferences/ Network/ Show: Airport
  2. Select biscwireless to join the network
  3. Open your browser. You will automatically be taken to the wireless login screen. Enter your bisc username  and password, then click on the log in button.

Connecting to the encrypted biscsecure service

Secure wireless connectivity is available in Bader Hall and the Castle, including the study and common areas. When you arrive you will be provided with log-in details – please note that these details will not be the same as your NetID. Your room is equipped with Ethernet ports for wired access and you are not required to log in to use the internet, although you will have to log in to use services such as Moodle. Wireless coverage is available across much of campus.