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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Email Access

Your Queen’s email address is your NetID with the extension For example, if your NetID is 1abc2, your Queen’s email address will be You want to make sure that you are checking your Queen’s email account regularly this will be the main email account used by faculty and staff to communicate with you while you are at the BISC and you will also receive information and updates from main campus to this address.

Forwarding your BISC e-mail account to an external e-mail address

  1. First login to the BISC e-mail web client -
  2. When signed in click on the "Options" button - top right hand side and click on the option "Create an Inbox rule" on the drop down menu
  3. The inbox rules screen should open - click on "New"
  4. In the next window in the "When the message arrives...:" box select "Apply to all messages" and then in the "Do the following:" box select "redirect the message to" and then "select people"
  5. When the address book opens just type the email address that you wish to redirect your e-mail to in the "To" box at the bottom
  6. Then click OK
  7. When back on the inbox rule screen click "Save" and then say YES to "Do you want this rule to apply to all future messages?"
  8. This should now have created the forward. Send a message to your BISC e-mail address e.g. ??? and it should be automatically redirected to your chosen address.