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The Nomination, Campaigning and Voting Process

  • Students interested in joining Student Government should attend an information meeting which will be held in the first week of term
  • Nomination forms are available straight after this meeting
  • Copies of the Constitution, Election Rules and the timeline of all dates in the nomination process will be available at the meeting, online, and via email and posters
  • Those interested in running for positions on Student Government require a nominee and 4 supporters. A student can nominate and support more than one person if they so choose.
President / VP / MIR Representative Nominations

These nominations begin straight after the information meeting, and close one week later. Forms must be handed to the Student Services Management Representative.

  • Campaigning begins immediately after the close of nominations, and end on the morning of speeches
  • Speeches for President/VP/MIR Rep should be submitted, electronically, to the Student Services Representative by 5pm the day prior to speeches. Speeches will be held in the Ballroom, and should be no longer than 3 minutes, timed, followed by Q&A from Student Services Representatives
Corridor Representative Nominations

These nominations begin after the President, VP and MIR Rep positions have been announced, and close approximately one week later.

  • Corridor Rep nominations will be treated similarly to the President, VP and MIR Rep nominations, whereby candidates must submit a form and campaign in a timely manner, as well as submit an electronic version of their speech
  • Speeches for Corridor Reps will take place during Community Meetings in designated common rooms, only to those students on the designated corridor
  • Each student will be able to cast one vote per position, for the rep on their own corridor
  • Voting takes place during lunch and dinner hours in the Dining Hall (12-2pm and 5-7pm). Results will be released the same evening across Campus
  • Each student will be able to cast one vote per position.
  • Voting takes place the day after speeches during lunch and dinner hours, in the Dining Hall (12-2pm and 5-7pm).
  • Students will only get one vote and will sign that they have voted (votes will be anonymous)
  • Results will be released that evening at 21:00 in the Pub, and via email.
The Campaigning Rules
  1. Allowed to campaign through posters and word-of-mouth only.
  2. President/VP/MIR Rep are allowed 20 posters each on A4 sized paper.
  3. Corridor Reps are allowed 10 posters each on A4 sized paper.
  4. Posters can go on bulletin boards or on doors (with sticky tack) only.
  5. All posters must be approved by Student Services Representatives only.
  6. NO Mobile Campaigning (i.e. sandwich signs, pins, stickers, text messaging, flyers, unsolicited calls, Facebook, etc).
  7. Posters MUST be taken down by 8am on the day of voting.