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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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A Day in the Life of a BISC Student

Wonder what it's like to be a BISC Student? Well now you can find out. Check out our "Day in the Life video" to learn what being a BISC student is all about.

8:30 – Your favourite song plays on your alarm and signals the start of another day at the Bader International Study Centre.

9:00 – You and a group of friends walk to the Castle for breakfast. This morning you choose a bowl of cereal, scrambled eggs, and a green apple. The BISC Catering team makes sure that your dining experience is kept healthy and interesting.

9:30 – You make your way to your Political Studies class where you will continue your analysis of political revolutions from around the world. Small class sizes are a defining feature of the BISC experience; our average first-year class size is 21 students and our average upper-year class size is 10 students.

10:30 – Today is the type of day that you want to be sure that you take advantage of the morning sunshine so you sneak away to your spot in the Elizabethan Garden to read for this afternoon’s English class.

 12:00 – You walk back to the Castle for lunch in the Dining Hall. On your way you stop to admire the colourful peacocks and other local animals that share the 550 acre estate.A photo of the dining hall

12:05 – You’re welcomed to the dining hall by a group of friends who have just returned from a weekend trip to London. You are eager to hear their stories and to share your own from your field studies trip. Field studies are a unique part of the BISC experience that allow students to support their in-class learning through practical skill-building and active learning with top practitioners and key officials.

A photo of the castle courtyard12:40 – You return to Bader Hall for the kickboxing class that begins at 12:55. Bader Hall is the centre of non-academic life at the BISC. It is a traditional university residence complex with an attached gym facility.

12:55 – Kickboxing is taught by an instructor from a nearby city. Various exercise classes are offered at the BISC depending on student interest. Past classes have included kickboxing, kettlebell, yoga and more.

2:15 – You walk back to the Castle for your English class, which begins at 2:30, while you’re waiting, you find a group of classmates in the Castle Courtyard who are discussing the renowned journalist who will be giving tomorrow evening’s guest lecture.

A photo of the castle drawbridge3:25 – You grab a quick cup of tea and join your last class of the day which takes place in the historic Dacre Room. This room was named after the hereditary title given to the early owners of the Herstmonceux Estate, and has also served as the Castle’s chapel.

5:45 – It’s dinner time and you join your friends in the Dining Hall before heading to the Reading Room to put the finishing touches on an assignment and to prepare for tomorrow’s classes.

9:00 – You arrive at the Headless Drummer for tonight’s pub quiz. It looks like a team of faculty members has joined in and seems eager to win. You and your teammates are not going to let that happen today!