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Non-Academic Discipline Committee (NADC)

The BISC Non-Academic Discipline Committee (NADC) was assembled to serve as a check on non-academic sanctions imposed through the BISC Student Services department. There are two circumstances in which the NADC is convened:

(1) In certain circumstances, a student can appeal a sanction if they believe they have evidence that their sanction was unjustly imposed, either because of procedural irregularity, or because this evidence materially affects the decision rendered. Where the grounds for appeal have been met, the Committee is convened as an appeal body and has the authority to maintain, modify, or abolish the sanction in question. The committee will meet with the student to hear their case before rendering a decision.

(2) The NADC can also be convened by the department of Student Services in the event that Removal from Residence is considered and the department wishes to have a second opinion on whether or not this sanction is appropriate. In such cases, the student in question will not be present for the meeting.

In both instances, the NADC is only the first level of appeal.

The NADC is not a substitute for civil or criminal law proceedings, but students may face sanctions for actions both under civil or criminal law and through the BISC Student Services department.

Member Positions

  • BISC Faculty Member (Chair)
  • BISC Staff Representative
  • BISC Student Representative (BISC Student Government Vice President or delegate)