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Appeals Process

Students have the right to appeal Level One and Level Two decisions. In order to appeal a Level One or Level Two decision, a student must submit the Appeal Form within five business days from the date of the Responsibility Letter.

The form can be accessed here.

Appeals will be processed within five business days of the date of the appeal letter. All appeals will be vetted by Student Services, and only approved based on the presence of a significant procedural irregularity or new information. Once the appeal is accepted, the student will be contacted with further instructions for their Non-Academic Discipline Committee hearing. The NADC will make a decision and the student will be notified of the outcome via email within two business days.

Any further appeals of the NADC’s decision must be forwarded to the BISC Management, and ultimately to the University Student Appeals Board (USAB). All appeals of Level Three decisions must be sent directly to the USAB.

The student may appeal only on the grounds of:

  • New evidence – e.g., evidence relevant to the decision made by the Residence Facilitator through reasonable diligence at the time of the initial decision.
  • A substantial procedural irregularity in the consideration of a case.

Completed forms can be emailed to, or dropped off at Student Services, Room 203.