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Residence Agreement and Assignment

Residence Agreement

Students studying at the BISC must sign the Residence Agreement, and are bound by the BISC Rules and Regulations, as well as any applicable policies. The Residence Agreement is a contract between you and the Bader International Study Centre and you are highly encouraged to read the Residence Agreement before signing. You can sign to say you have read and accept the Rules and Regulations and the Residence Agreement when you fill out the residence form.

By signing the Residence Agreement you agree to comply with the BISC Rules and Regulations. This includes but is not limited to policies such as the Library’s Terms of Use, and the Transportation Policy.

Residence Form

Once you have accepted your offer to the BISC you need to complete and submit the Residence Form accessible through the online portal. You will be asked a series of questions about your lifestyle in order fo us to match you with a roommate. Alternatively you can request a single room.

In the online portal you will also be asked for information about:

  • any necessary accommodations (academic, dietary, etc.) - please make sure you submit the correct documentation
  • your emergency contacts
  • whether you have supplementary health insurance
  • your arrivals information
  • passport

Different bits of information are required at different times. Please check your email to see when these deadlines are. You can go into the online portal and update information on an ongoing basis, up until the relevant deadline has passed.

Room Assignments

All students paying full fees are entitled to a twin bedded standard room, sharing with another student, in Bader Hall. The Bader International Study Centre will attempt to take into account preferences noted on the residence form; however we cannot guarantee requests for particular accommodation. Please note the Residence Agreement is for a space in Bader Hall, not a particular room.

For logistical reasons room assignments are not typically released until the day of arrival.

We do not have the capacity to accommodate ailments such as common allergies, asthma, migraines or anxiety that are not diagnosed as a pre-existing condition. If you require special accommodation or have concerns that are personal and unique to your situation, then please contact Student Services. If you require a Service Animal in residence please make sure you read the Service Animal Policy first.

Room Change Requests

You may not switch roommates in the first week of classes. To request a room change, you will need to complete a Room Change Request Form available from Student Services, outlining why you feel a room change is necessary and detailing what efforts you have made to address and resolve issues. This will include demonstrating you have completed and attempted to use the Roommate Contract which you will be asked to complete in the first week of classes

Sharing Requests

You may opt to share a room with a friend as long as both parties request via the online Residence Form to do so. Bader Hall is a mixed-gender residence, but units within the residence are single gender. Students should also note that to enhance their international experience, they may be paired with a roommate from another university or country. If you share a room you will be required to fill in a roommate agreement.

Single Room Requests

Single standard rooms in Bader Hall are available at an additional supplement per term for Upper Year and Law Students only, subject to availability. A single room will cost an additional CAD$600 for each of the Fall and Winter semesters, and CAD$400 for programs in the Summer (including the Art/Sci program, Law, and Specialised Programs). All charges will be posted to your SOLUS account. Invoices or statements are not normally issued. Please check your SOLUS account and ensure fees are paid in full.

Requests by First Year students for single rooms will be based on a documented need as outlined in the Special Consideration Form Instructions or at the discretion of the Operations Manager or Student and Enrolment Services Manager. The single room charge for Fall and Winter semesters is $600, and $400 for programs in the Summer. Please ensure you have read the relevant section in the Residence Agreement. All charges will be posted to your SOLUS account. Invoices or statements are not normally issued. Please check your SOLUS account and ensure fees are paid in full. In circumstances when a move to a single room is allowed the student moving will pay, in advance, the balance of money (minimum charge CAD$200.00) for the length of time that they will be taking a single room. When a First Year Student moves in the Fall term, the Winter term portion of the fee will be paid at the beginning of the Winter term.