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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Castle Album

  • The sun rising over the Castle turrets

    Daybreak over the Castle turrets

  • Students are chatting in front of the Castle before a field study

    Students chatting before a field study

  • Sign identifying the classrooms at the Castle

    The way to your classrooms

  • View of the Castle through the gardens

    Castle view from the formal garden

  • A Heron perched on the bridge of the Castle

    Our resident heron

  • A man staring at a picture outlining the royal connections of the Castle

    Royal connections at Herstmonceux Castle

  • A view of the Castle courtyard

    The courtyard of Herstmonceux Castle in the summer

  • A very old tree on campus

    The Wishing Tree

  • Students and Professors having lunch in the Dining Hall

    Having lunch with your professors in the dining hall

  • Mother duck leading her ducklings to the moat

    Spring ducklings

  • Snow on the battlements of the Castle

    Wintery day at the Castle

  • A close up of an Elizabethan carving in the Castle

    Elizabethan carving

  • Two deaf students conversing on the Underground in London

    Study on the move

  • The sun rising through the trees on the path to the Castle

    Autumn path

  • Close up of tea pot, scone, and clotted cream in Chestnuts, the tea room on campus

    British cream tea at Chestnuts, the tea room on campus

  • Snow falling on the Castle

    It can snow in England too!

  • Professor and student taking notes outside on a biodiversity field study

    Biodiversity Field School out in the field

  • A pink flower from the Castle gardens

    Beautiful gardens

  • A window from the dining hall

    Light streaming through

  • Mother goose guiding her goslings

    Mother with goslings

  • Tom Attah playing the guitar while a student watches

    Blues with Tom Attah in the Elizabethan room

  • Bridge to the Castle and its reflection in the moat

    Misty morning

  • Conference room at the Castle

    Ready for class

  • A statue of a cherub covered in snow

    A chilly cherub

  • Clock mounted on an exterior wall of the Castle in the courtyard

    The courtyard clock

  • Three students digging on an archeological site on campus

    Archeological dig on the estate

  • Table and chairs in the Headless Drummer pub

    A corner of the Headless Drummer pub

  • Two peacocks perched on a fence

    Our resident peacocks

  • Carving of a face on the fireplace in the ballroom

    Fireplace carving

  • Outdoor view of Chestnuts the tea room on campus

    Chestnuts, the tea room

  • A stag in the woods

    BISC stag!

  • View of a hallway in the Castle

    The Elizabethan gallery

  • Purple sunset over the campus

    Spring sunset

  • Windows on the side of the Castle

    Textures of the castle

  • Six students posing in front of the Castle

    End of term celebration

  • Flags hanging on a line

    Old flags

  • Aerial view of the castle and gardens

    Aerial view of the castle and gardens

  • Aerial view of Bader Hall, the residence on campus

    View of Bader Hall, the residence on campus

  • Aerial view of the observatory on campus

    The observatory - located down the road from the residence, students can visit the observatory and take a look at the night skies

  • Aerial view of the campus and surrounding area

    Aerial view of the campus and surrounding area

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Bader HallObservatoryAerial view of campusAerial view of campusDaybreak over the turretsChatting before a field studyThe way to your classroomsCastle from the formal gardenOur resident heronRoyal connectionsSummer in the courtyardThe wishing treeHaving lunch with your profsSpring ducklingsWintery dayElizabethan carvingStudy on the moveAutumn pathBritish cream teaSnowfalls on the castleEnvironmental studyBeautiful gardensLight streams inMother with goslingsBlues in the Elizabethan roomMisty morningReady for classA chilly cherubThe courtyard clockArchaeological dig on the estateA corner of the pubOur resident peacocksFireplace carvingThe Tea RoomsBISC stag!The Elizabethan gallerySpring sunsetTextures of the castleEnd of term celebrationOld flags