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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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The Bader International Study Centre Ambassador Program

Ambassadors will lead the initiative to spread the word about the BISC on university campuses

What is a BISC Ambassador?

The Bader International Study Centre (BISC) Ambassadors are a select group of student leaders who attended the BISC in their first year of undergraduate studies or for a semester as an upper year undergraduate student. Working closely with the BISC Admissions Office they represent and promote the BISC to current and prospective students, guests, and alumni. The Ambassador Program is meant to promote the profile of the BISC by displaying integrity, compassion, and a high standard of professional and personal excellence.

The Role

As a BISC Ambassador you are required to:

  • Attend an introductory training session
  • Join the BISC Facebook group, Linked In Alumni group, and follow the BISC on Twitter
  • Familiarize yourself with the BISC YouTube page (BISCtv), Blog (Wordpress), and the information in the Student Handbook
  • Be available to answer questions from incoming and prospective BISC students via e-mail or through Facebook
  • Encourage students to attend BISC events and promotions
  • Attend BISC events and promotions
  • Host a BISC information booth once a week/month
  • Hand out information cards in classes
  • Get prospective students to fill out information cards and forward that information to the BISC Admission Representative
  • Represent the BISC in a positive manner

You are also invited to attend:

  • High school and university BISC presentations
  • BISC events
  • Study Abroad Fairs

In each of these instances you would be invited to tell prospective students about your experience at the BISC.

What we expect from you

  • To respect any commitments you make to your BISC Ambassador team mates and the BISC Admission team
  • To contribute in a significant way to the majority of BISC Ambassador monthly events
  • To maintain a level of professionalism at all BISC related events
  • Your ideas
  • Your energy
  • Your voice

Time Requirements

  • We would require anywhere between 4-10 hours per month per BISC Ambassador

The Rewards

  • Meeting people, making friends, and having fun!
  • Learning interpersonal skills while gaining professional experience
  • Making contacts and expanding your network
  • Valuable volunteer experience that looks great on your resume
  • A BISC shirt and other BISC gear
  • Upon successful completion of the outlined criteria, a Letter of Recommendation from the BISC Admissions Office outlining your participation in the program

Want to learn more about the program?

Please email  stating your interest in becoming an Ambassador.