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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Field Schools 2014

In addition to a broad spectrum of Queen’s accredited upper-year courses, the Bader International Study Centre also offers specialized Field Schools between June and July every year.

Field Schools are pre-packaged modules, designed to allow students to immerse themselves deeply in course material that includes extensive research and practical ‘in the field’ learning experiences. Generally five weeks in duration, satisfying 6.0 units, start and end dates vary according to Field School, so please refer to the individual Field School pages for further information.

These intensive packages incorporate unique courses with over 80 hours of hands-on practical learning experience. This year's field schools are:

Queen's University students should consult their Faculty or Faculty Academic Calendar to ensure that they meet prerequisites. Admission Services will seek permission on behalf of applicants who do not meet stated prerequisites to enroll in preferred courses. Permission is not guaranteed, and applicants may be asked to select another course.

Students in the CUSAP Program or from other universities should consult the relevant faculty in their home universities to ensure that they meet all requirements for their academic program.

Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a certificate of completion highlighting their achievements. New Field Schools will be added each year, so be sure to fill out an on-line info card to get up to date information regarding our Field Schools.

*Please note that Field Schools are offered as a package and course codes are subject to change. Enrollment is limited so do apply early.