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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Winter Semester in Psychology

The BISC's new winter Psychology course cluster allows you to take a trio of carefully-curated courses towards your chosen degree.

You will study three key Psychology courses with learning that goes beyond the classroom. The BISC teams expert instruction from faculty and guest lecturers with field work at sites such as the Wellcome Institute and Freud Museum. Challenge your perceptions about Psychology in small, dynamic classes with students from a variety of backgrounds.

Choose from up to three BA or BSc courses towards your Psychology career or graduate program:

PSYC 333/3.0 – Human Sexuality

PSYC 342/3.0 – The Psychology of Social Influence

PSYC 397/3.0 – History of Modern Psychology


Wellcome Collection









Highlights of the Upper Year Psychology Cluster

Learn by Doing

Go beyond the classroom and learn by experience. For example:

• Analyze the displays at the London Science Museum.

• Evaluate key course concepts via special exhibitions at the Wellcome Collection.

• Participate in events at the world-renowned Freud Museum.

World-class Instruction

• Challenge your perceptions as you hear guest lectures from distinguished professors and meet at the Headless Drummer afterwards to continue the debate informally.

Hands-on Lab Work

• Take part in experiments and demonstrations in your classes of around 12 students.

Gain a Global Perspective

• A chance for second, third or fourth year students to add international experience in and out of the classroom.

• Add two exciting electives to complete your term’s studies at the castle.