Bader International Study Centre


at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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The BISC's internationally themed courses combined with field studies throughout England and Europe introduce students to both academic excellence and exploration of the world. We provide students with an international perspective, a strong grounding in communication, core degree courses, and a sense of social and global awareness. Queen's high standard of academic excellence is a hallmark fully shared at the Castle, with additional depth.

First Year Program

The First Year Program at the BISC is the only program of its kind in Canada where students spend a full year studying abroad. Incoming students can choose to enroll in the First Year Arts Program, or the First Year Science Program

Academic data shows that on average, incoming students from the BISC achieve higher grades than their classmates in Kingston in subsequent years of their undergraduate education. Students in the First Year Program are admitted to a full university degree program at Queen's University, completing their remaining years of undergraduate study at the Kingston campus.

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Upper Year Program

The BISC Upper Year Program emphasizes intercultural learning, offering a flexible choice of Queen's accredited courses — ranging from the Humanities and International Business, to Social Sciences and Media, Communication, and Film. Open to more than 35 of our international and domestic partners, learning is hands-on, diverse, and internationally acclaimed. Students from the finest universities around the world come together to share a truly international experience where they live, travel, and study together. Upper Year students must have already completed at least one year of university to qualify.

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The usual course load per student is five courses per term in the long Fall and Winter terms, three in the six-week Summer Term, and two during the five-week Summer Field Schools. Most courses last for one term, although some are two-term courses taken over the Fall and Winter. All courses give 3 units per term, are fully accredited by Queen's University, and are normally transferable to other Universities.