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at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Experiential Learning

A photograph of students on a field studyIntegrated into your tuition, and into each term, you will have the opportunity to go on both one-day and multi-day excursions designed to enhance your learning experience by bringing your lectures to life!

Field Studies are an essential and integrated element of the Bader International Study Centre’s programs. The combination of classroom discussion and field study reflects our emphasis on anchoring the academic experience in direct observation and participation. Students interested in further education benefit from a high level of inquiry – as a university graduate student would expect. Field studies combine self-learning with guided research on primary source materials of all kinds. This provides a stimulating way to learn more about your course material, and an unmatched opportunity to absorb first-hand, the extraordinary riches of our world and its people.

Course Specific Field Studies

A photograph of students on a field studyYour professors will plan off-site lectures adding depth and variety to learning. Students studying music may critique La Traviata at the National Opera in London. Politics students may find themselves experiencing government first hand by interviewing Parliamentarians. Those studying International Relations visit the International Maritime Organization headquarters in London to evaluate how marine safety standards continue to facilitate world trade over a hundred years after the Titanic disaster. What better way to learn than to experience?

The Midterm Trip

A photograph of students at the LouvreAround the UK or on the continent, midterm trips are an outstanding, extended opportunity for all students to explore global political, cultural and historical sites of interest. You will combine course-related analysis with cultural activities.

During the midterm trip students will have the opportunity to explore such cities as Edinburgh, Scotland and Paris.

Cultural Studies Trip

A photograph of StonehengeAll members of the BISC community participate in at least one Cultural Studies trip per term. These trips provide an academic and cultural complement to your studies and are designed to give you an understanding and appreciation of British culture. In the past, cultural studies trips have gone to Bath, Salisbury, and Cornwall.