Bader International Study Centre


at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.



at Herstmonceux Castle, U.K.

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Our Mission: A Centre for Global Innovation

The Bader International Study Centre is located in a 15th century castle, but our focus is the 21st century, an age of networks and processes, where people, money – and ideas – criss-cross the planet at dazzling speeds. This world demands a new kind of citizen – comfortable with diversity and the clash of ideas, a theorist and a doer. Our future well-being, perhaps even our very survival, depends on people who can think – and feel – globally.

We will help you become a true global citizen. We will shake up your assumptions and get you thinking outside the box. We will expose you to new ideas and cultures, and to very different ways of doing things. The connections you make, with people from across Canada and all over the world, will be the foundation of your own global network.

Our concerns for sustainability, global citizenship, intercultural awareness, self reflection, and active learning are woven throughout both the academic and the social life of the Castle.

Our innovative first-year experience, with its global ethos and heightened emphasis on service, offers students a unique foundation on which to build successful global careers. For upper-year students, the learning environments and field experiences are crafted to challenge convention, and to hone critical analytical skills.   

Let the Bader International Study Centre be the launch pad for a global you.

Our Values: The Castle Charter

Our Charter is a statement of the partnership expected between students and the Bader International Study Centre to create a supportive academic community where learning, inquiry, research and critical assessment may flourish.

The BISC will:

  • Partner with students in the development of the Castle and its programs, seeking feedback and input.

  • Safeguard student information and data so as to protect student identity and rights.

  • Treat all students equally and without discrimination.

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for learning and social interaction.

  • Respect students and be concerned for their wellbeing, creating a community without fear or intimidation.

  • Provide clear and timely information on fees, be transparent in dealings with students, and offer effective and timely feedback on their academic work.

  • Craft a creative, innovative learning environment where technology, inquiry and presentation work together to support intellectual exchange and growth.

  • Support students’ non-academic social life and concerns with appropriate programming, staff, services, security and counseling.

  • Maintain a community concerned with service, citizenship, responsible leadership, tolerance and equal opportunity.

  • Striving for a community footprint that is environmentally sustainable and responsible to available resources.

As a student you are responsible for:

  • Active participation in your own learning across local, regional and global levels.

  • Developing a critical voice for assessment and evaluation.

  • Building an ethos of life-long learning and active inquiry.

  • Partnership and service to others and to the broader community.

  • Crafting a lifestyle that is sustainable and responsible to the broader community.

  • Complying with BISC regulations for supporting the community.

  • Being a responsible global citizen.

  • Engaging with others to support and define community.

  • Considerate interaction with staff, faculty and other students.

  • Informing the BISC of any disability that may affect your opportunities as a student.

  • Acting as responsible ambassadors for BISC and your home university.

  • Active participation in governing social life through the Student Council.